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Security Officer's Daily Duties
Posted On: Jul 20, 2016

Even though it is management's responsibility to ensure the following, employees should be aware of the guard's role in their daily duties. The guard:

  • Is stationed in the reception area.
  • Observes all service windows and the PI/Hearing rooms.
  • Maintains all required valid credentials, training, certificates, and manuals.
  • Projects a pleasant attitude and acts in a helpful manner. The guard should set a positive tone for each visitor who arrives.
  • Displays a physical presence and uses words, actions, and general demeanor to ensure visitors and employees that SSA regards safety as a serious matter.
  • Checks visitor bags, briefcases, book packs and other containers that are large enough to hold weapons, when required by the SSA manager and implemented through FPS, before a visitor is allowed to enter the reception area or front-end-interview (FEI) area.
  • When alerted to the possible presence of a weapon in such a container, contacts FPS and/or local authorities while the visitor is still in the waiting room.
  • Is on the alert for loud and unruly activity on government property, particularly in the waiting room and FEI area; should such behavior occur, the guard will do the following:
    • a. * Outside of the building and in the reception area, the guard will take appropriate action to calm the situation or stop the behavior. If necessary, the guard will inform management and/or FPS/law enforcement authorities.
    • b. * For the FEI or Hearing Room, the guard will make eye contact with the interviewer. Once contact is made, the interviewer is charged with signaling the guard as to whether his or her continued presence is needed. If needed, the guard will take appropriate action to calm the situation or stop the behavior. The guard will inform management and/or law enforcement authorities.
  • If more than one guard is present, one guard should periodically walk around the outside of the office and report any disruptive or potentially dangerous conditions to a member of management.
  • Unlocks the front door promptly at 9AM each day. The guard may be called on to help a visitor who is in obvious physical distress before this time. In case of inclement weather,
  • Management may advise the guard to open the waiting area at an earlier time.
  • Locks the front door promptly at Mon,Tues,Thurs & Fri at 4PM Wednesday at Noon each day. Visitors already in the office will be allowed to finish their business and the guard will let them out as they finish. The guard will advise late arrivals that the office is closed.
  • Tells visitors who ask specific SSA program questions that he is not part of the SSA staff and that the visitor must wait to talk to the appropriate SSA employee.
  • Above all, the guard is responsible for alerting local management immediately when injury or damage to persons or property appears imminent and ,as appropriate, notifying FPS/local law enforcement or fire fighting authorities. Furthermore, management will ensure satisfaction with the guard's performance by asking DHS/FPS or the guard company management to periodically visit the office to monitor the guard.

Note: Applicable only if included in the guard's post orders.

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