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Bargaining Demands
Feb 24, 2021

Download: GC DTB Dependent Care Benefits 8-27-2020.docx , GC Info Request - Dependent Care Program.doc , Response Dependent Care UMG.pdf , Dependent Care UMG 10-27-2020 (002).docx , Agency Response to DTB-n-RFI (DependentCareSvcs) 09_2020.pdf , Dependent Care Arbitration Invocation 1-5-2021.docx

Feb 24, 2021
Please see the attached Agency decision and the below emails. ***This one is important***
Download: DTBShutdownResponseAFGE.pdf , 12-3-2015 Government-Wide Shutdown MOU.pdf

Feb 23, 2021
Download: FLRA Form 22 - GC ULP - Refusal To Bargain - Space Action and 6X6 Workstations.pdf , FLRA Form 22 - Section 3 - Space Action and 6X6 ULP.docx , Attachment 1 - EXECUTIVE ORDER 14003 - PROTECTING THE FEDERAL WORKFORCE - January 22 2021 (1).docx , Attachment 2 - Executive Order 13836.docx , Attachment 3 - GC Demand To Bargain - 6X6 Furniture and Space Action Issues.docx , Attachment 4 - Agency's Denial of the GC DTB - 02-04-2021.docx , Proof of Filing - Charge Against an Agency.docx

Feb 23, 2021
From: Peter Harris  Sent: Monday, February 22, 2021 6:51 PM To: Freedman, Jamie  Cc: Sullivan IV, Joseph; Price, Bill; Ralph C de Juliis ; Dejuliis, Ralph  Subject: [EXTERNAL] Notice: Vulnerable Populations Liaison (VPL) in FOs Jamie, The Union requests consultation and bargaining in accordance with Article 4.
Download: Notice to AFGE on FO Liaisons.pdf

Feb 22, 2021
From: Dejuliis, Ralph Sent: Sunday, February 21, 2021 5:21 PM To: 'Sullivan IV, Joseph'  Cc: 'Peter Harris' 'Dejuliis, Ralph' ; 'Bill Price'  Subject: c220 official time sidebar FINAL Good Afternoon, Joe! Thank you for agreeing to negotiate a sidebar to Article 30.
Download: c220 official time sidebar FINAl.pdf , AFGE Notice for Union Time - 02.19.2021.pdf

Feb 09, 2021
From: Ralph C de Juliis Date: February 8, 2021 at 9:29:56 PM CST To: "Sullivan IV, Joseph"  Cc: Pete Harris  Subject: Demand to Bargain Permisives ? Good Evening, Associate Commissioner Sullivan.
Download: Negotiability Guide 6-17-13.pdf , Response to AFGE DTB Permissives (02.22.2021).pdf

Apr 07, 2020

Download: DTB - 04-03-2020 - COVID Final EE TW Guidance.docx

Jan 30, 2020

Download: Response to AFGE DTB Scorecard.pdf

Page Last Updated: Feb 24, 2021 (18:58:00)
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